Our three cosmeceutical ranges, Cosmedix, Aspects, & SkinMedicaare the fastest growing medical skincare ranges globally.  All of which are at the cutting edge of new scientific research and ingrediant techknology that take skin care to the next level of anti-aging, tricking the skin into acting like a younger skin would. These ranges and peels also can give us the most immediate results when it come to treating pigment, acne and long term strenght and results when it comes to treating sensitive and rosacea's skin.

$99    Pomegranate Peel: Antioxidants

$99    Jungle Brew: Amazonian detox peel - Acne prone skin

$99    Lactobotanical peel: Epidermal peel

$99    Pigment Punch: Clarity peel - Great for Pigmentation

$129    Retinol Brulee: Anabolic resurfacing treatment - anti-aging

$129    Benefits Peel: Ultimate antioxidant

$250    Timeless peel: Anti-ageing & melisma


$50 Add Microdermabrasion to any Peel (face only)